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Fees & Costs 

Potential clients consistently worry about the cost of hiring a lawyer to help them with their disability case. At Summit Disability Law Group, we want you to know that you can afford to hire us. There are no upfront costs and you only pay attorneys fees if we win.

We believe that you deserve to be protected and guided through this process. That includes a clear explanation of fees and costs. To do this, we offer a list of rights and guarantees that clearly answers these worrisome questions and explains what you can expect from us when your join our family of clients.


Our Guarantees

1. Free Consultation

At Summit Disability Law Group, we understand the stress and anxiety that comes from injury/disease, financial burdens, and making life adjustments. For these reasons, we know you need a guide through this process. We offer a free consultation to help you know if you have a case, how much you can expect, and what to plan for. Remember that all our services are based on a No Fee Guarantee. We don’t charge you fees unless we win your case.


2. Can’t come to us? Then we’ll come to you.

If you can’t come to one of our three offices (Draper, Orem, Bountiful), then we will come to you by phone, Skype, or even to your home. If you need to reach us in the hospital, we will even come see you there. You should not let any financial or physical obstacle stop you from getting guidance from an experienced Utah Social Security disability attorney. Delay is your greatest enemy.


3. No Fee Guarantee

If we don’t win, you will not be charged. At Summit Disability Law Group, we only charge a fee if we win your case.

If we win your case, you pay us 25% up to a maximum of $6,000 of your past-due benefits. When a fee agreement is in place, the Social Security Administration will withhold the amount you owe us and send a check for that amount directly to our office. Once you receive a past-due benefits check from Social Security, you don’t have to worry that attorneys’ fees still have to be paid. The past-due money you receive and the monthly checks moving forward are yours.


4. No upfront costs

There are many costs to start your case. These include gathering your medical records and getting special reports from your doctors. We ask you to pay these costs back at the end of your case. This means you can get started with us at no cost, saving you several hundred dollars from the beginning.


Client’s Rights

1.Right to honest representation

Many firms will tell you they can win your case and that you don’t have to worry about a thing. Then once the case is started, paperwork keeps showing up at your house and before you know it, you’ve been denied with no explanation. At Summit Disability Law Group, we are committed to offering honest representation. We will be upfront about our estimation of your chances of winning, what part you will need to play, and how we will work together at every point of the case. You can be confident that at our firm, we take you and your case seriously.


2. Right to a fair written fee agreement

Unlike other law firms, when we say we have a “No Fee Guarantee” we mean it. You deserve a fee agreement that you fully understand and is upfront about all your obligations, not fine print that leaves you holding the bag.


3. Right to reasonable costs

As we mentioned in item number 4 under “Our Guarantees,” there are costs associated with getting your case moving. Whenever we incur a cost on your case, it will be because we believe it is essential for your case. We will not add extra costs without a specific reason. If there is a way to win your case without incurring specific costs, you can be sure that’s the avenue we’ll take.


4. Right to information

You deserve to know what is going on with your case. If you contact our office, our staff will give you the most recent status of your case. If you leave a message, we will get back to you within a reasonable time. If you want to talk with your lawyer, he will call you back or set up a time to talk with you as soon as possible. We will also update you regularly on the progress of your case and answer any questions you may have. We work hard to make sure our communication is done in plain English, so you always feel like you know what is happening.


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